Barrier Adapter with Q-Seal

Easily Connects and Disconnects

MPC-700                         MPC-700 Barrier Adapter with Q-Seal

Guidelines to Optimal Performance
Step 1: Twist the DIN end of the MPC-700 into the blood port of the dialyzer.  
Step 2:
Push the Colder
fitting end of the MPC-700 into the Renatron  machine connection.

That's it! The MPC-700 is a very easy to use, cost efficient alternative to other products on the market. The Barrier adapter with Q-Seal helps ensure patient safety from cross-contamination during reprocessing. This system easily connects and disconnects, which means no more fumbling with extra pieces and extensions.
Packaged 50 pcs. per bag or 500 pcs. per case
Theirs Ours
Contaminants are notorious for becoming trapped under O-rings.   No O-ring for contaminants to hide under!

O-ring generated seal. Requires removal and replacement for disinfections.


Built in Q-Seal. No removal, no replacement, no worry!

Manufactured with PVC Material. (PVC material is known to contain DEHP and Phthalates).


Manufactured from a Patented Medical Grade material that is Latex Free, DEHP Free, PVC Free and Phthalate Free!

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