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UDI Implementation - Packaging Changes

Latex-Free Injection Sites

Male Female Luer Lock Caps

Male Luer Lock Cap

Female Luer Lock Cap

Disposable Forceps - Economy Clamp

Disposable Forceps - Premium Clamp

Combination Towel Clamp and  
Tube Occluding Forceps

Dialysate Fittings & Tubing
Dialysate Fittings & Tubing

Transducer Protectors

Transducer Protector with Luer Extension

Dialyzer Holders
Single Dialyzer Holder

Double Dialyzer Holder

General Laboratory
Sampling Port Kit

Collection Assist Device

Hansen Style Connectors
Female Hansen Connectors

High Temp (PVDF) Hansen Connectors

Male Hansen Connectors

Male to Male Hansen Adapter

Hansen Couplings

E-Z Grip

Sterile Thumb Forceps

Quick Disconnect


Dialyzer Pre-Rinse System

Visor with Safety Face-Shield

Disposable Face-Shield

Safety Glasses

Safety Goggles

Sterile Recirculation Sets

Kidney Storage Caps

Twist Lock ISO Fitting

Seratronics  and Renatron Replacement Lines

Seratronics  and Renatron  Barrier System

Barrier Adapter with Q-Seal

"Encase" Needle Case System

Specialized Dialysis
Sterile Bloodline Connectors

Sterile Bloodline Extension

Non-Sterile Specialized Dialysate Lines

Dialysate Line with Flow Restrictor

Dialysate Line Recirculation Set

Specialty Connectors
Barb Fitting - Repair Kit

Syringe Adapter

Male Luer to Female DIN Connector

Female Luer to Male DIN Connector

DIN Adapter

Special DIN Adapters

Non-Sterile Lines

Wound Care
Fistula Pressure Clamp

Fistula Pressure Clamp 'Ultra Grip' Cover

Fistula Pressure Dressing Strap / Tourniquet

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