Dialyzer Pre-Rinse System
Quickly Pre-Cleans Dialyzers Using Trans-Membrane Variable Pressure-Pulses
MPC-670 Dialyzer Pre-Rinse System

Special Features:   

  • Clean Line - Stays Clean!

  • Reduction in Chemical Expenses!

  • Reduction in Capital Expenses! No Expensive machines to purchase or to maintain. 

  • Easy, time saving, cost efficient alternative
    to expensive machines and methods currently available!

Always use clean, sanitized barrier adapters
to eliminate the potential of contamination
from dialyzer to dialyzer.

System Includes:

  • (1) RO Water Line

  • (1) Dialyzer Pre-Rinse Drain Line

  • (1) Dialysate Port to Blood Port Circulation
         Line with Adjustable Pulse Control

  • (50) Barrier Adapters with Q-Seal

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