Specialized Dialysate Lines

Custom Lengths Available

Specialized Dialysate Lines

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Part Number Configuration Components Packaging
MPC-725-R Straight Line (2) Red Female
Hansen Connectors
MPC-725-W Straight Line (2) White Female
Hansen Connectors
MPC-725-B Straight Line (2) Blue Female
Hansen Connectors
MPC-750 "Y" Line (2) Female Hansen
Connectors and 
(1) Male Hansen
One Red and
One Blue per package
MPC-725D & MPC-750D

Disposable Specialized Dialysate Lines
Cost Effective!

Part Number MPC-725D MPC-750D
Configuration Straight Line "Y" Line
Components (2) Female Hansen Connectors (2) Female Hansen Connectors and
(1) Male Hansen Connector
Color White White
Packaging 25 pcs. per bag or 400 pcs. per case 25 pcs. per bag or 400 pcs. per case

For more information on the benefits of using tandem dialysis see the following fully printable studies:

1. Improving Adequacy of Dialysis: Using In-Series Dialyzers

2. Improved urea reduction ratio and KT/V in large hemodialysis patients using two dialyzers in parallel

A comparison of dual dialyzers in parallel and series to improve urea clearance in large hemodialysis

4. Improving URR's in the Dialysis Unit

5. Hemofiltration and double high flux dialysis: risks and benefits

6. Clinical use of high-efficiency hemodialysis treatments: long-term assessment

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