Fistula Pressure Clamp 'Ultra Grip' Cover

One Step Assembly

The 'Ultra Grip' is a flexible cover designed to be applied to our MPC-250 Fistula Pressure Clamp. When used in conjunction with our Fistula Clamp, the 'Ultra Grip' is an excellent solution in alleviating slide-off issues that occur when using a fistula clamp/gauze or a fistula clamp/Super Stopper combination.

MPC-255 Ultra Grip
One Step Assembly!

Just slip 'Ultra Grip' cover
over pressure pad of fistula pressure clamp and it's
ready to use!

     Special Features:

  • Comfortable!

  • Safe & Effective!

  • Can be easily sanitized using your unit's disinfectant protocols.

  • Easy to Use!

  • Gives you the flexibility you need in access care.

Super Stoppers

Latex Free, DEHP Free, PVC Free, and Phthalate Free
MPC-250 shown with the Ultra Grip in place
Molded Products' MPC-250 Fistula Pressure Clamp 
pictured with the 'Ultra Grip' cover in place
Part Number: MPC-255
Description: Fistula Pressure Clamp 'Ultra Grip' Cover
Compatibility: Used in conjunction with gauze or a Super Stopper
Packaged: 25 pcs. per bag or
300 pcs. per case
Manufactured with 
Medical Grade materials resistant to Renalin, Formaldehyde, Alcohol, Betadine and Chlorine.

The 'Ultra Grip' is compatible with:
3% Hydrogen Peroxide, 4% Formaldehyde,
 0.05% Sodium Hypochlorite, 0.8% Diacide (Glutaraldehyde), 4% Renalin (Peroxyacetic Acid)
Ultra Grip shown in action! Note: This product has only
been tested to be used in
conjunction with the Molded
Products Mid-America Brand
MPC-250 Fistula Pressure
Clamp. This product is not
recommended for use with
fistula pressure clamps not
manufactured by Molded
Products, Inc.
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