NANT Article

 In May of 1999 the F.D.A. issued a Safety Alert titled “Potential Cross-Contamination Linked to Hemodialysis Treatment” in this article the F.D.A. identified a possible source of patient contamination. Use of the MPC-75 will dramatically reduce this risk. Please read the following article reprinted with the permission of Philip Andrysiak.

External Visual Indicator for Transducer Protectors

Philip Andrysiak, BS, MBA, CHT

Recent incidents of blood contamination of the internal pressure monitoring lines have raised concerns with respect to cross contamination and patient safety. The MPC-75 moves the redundant transducer protector from the inside of the machine to the outside where it can be visually inspected for primary transducer protector failure.

Cross contamination with blood could result in the transfer of blood borne pathogens from patient to patient. This is why it is critically important to monitor the pressure monitoring circuit for contamination. The French equivalent to the FDA recommends “Adding a second filter in series lowers the probability of contaminating the venous pressure probe since this second filter will rarely be flooded” March 1999.

The US FDA also reports “It is critically important that hemodialysis facilities be on the alert for signs of equipment contaminated by blood” May 1999.

Immediate replacement of the MPC-75 should occur in the event that it is contaminated with fluid or blood. Regular replacement should occur as per facility policy.