Dialysate Line with Flow Restrictor

Dialysate Line with Flow Restrictor


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The flow restrictor can be used to progressively vary the flow resistance and the rate of dialysate flow through the system. The positioning of the flow restrictor should be based on the reading provided by indicators associated with the dialysis machine. The flow restrictor will remain in whatever position it is placed in by the operator.

When the flow restrictor is engaged, the dialysate flow through the restrictor provides the pressure differential for large ultrafiltration in dialyzer # 1, yielding additional convective removal of middle weight molecules. As the flow resistance of the MPC-728 is increased, the dialysate pressure in the dialysate compartment of dialyzer # 2, is at a very high rate while the dialysate pressure in the dialysate compartment of Dialyzer # 1 is at a very low rate, thus permitting an increase in fluid ultrafiltration from the blood to the dialysate in dialyzer # 1 and backfiltration of dialysate to the blood in dialyzer # 2.

The quantity of fluid ultrafiltered in dialyzer # 1 is compensated for by backfiltration of dialysate into dialyzer # 2, therefore mimicking the natural kidney.

The volumetric control in the dialysis machine will ensure the balance of fluid, accounting for proper removal of fluid gained by the patient since the preceding dialysis.

Since it will be possible to variably control the rate of ultrafiltration and backfiltration by adjusting the flow restrictor, it will be possible to apply this treatment to a larger number of patients with a wide range of attainable blood flows. This also provides a method for individualizing the treatment for each patients' needs.

Part Number MPC-728
Configuration Straight Line W/Flow Restrictor
Components (2) White Female Hansen Connectors and (1) Flow Restrictor
Use In-Series Tandem Dialysis
Packaging Individually Packaged