EZ Grip


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Lightweight tool for people who have difficulty with grasping and holding

A lightweight and easy to use "poly-grip-like" tool for a firmer grip and more power when pulling, pushing, picking, turning, squeezing, holding, etc. Can be used with either hand.

The E-Z Grip:

  • Is an economical, multifunctional gripping tool. 
  • Helps utilize the power of the entire hand, not just the thumb and forefinger.
  • Is ideal for individuals with limited hand, finger strength & limited dexterity.
  • Can help open jars, cans, bottles and grip knobs. 
  • Has adjustable jaws that slide apart to adapt to large and small items. 
  • Is made of high strength injection molded plastic.
  • Is easy to clean; cleans up with soap & water. 

Product Specifications:
Length: 6"
Weight: 2.03 oz
Grip Range: 0 - 3"
Individually packaged