Improving URRs in the Dialysis Unit

Tri-Counties Dialysis Center in Decatur, Ind., is a freestanding, for-profit hemodialysis facility operated by Everest Healthcare Services. The facility opened in the spring of 1996. The patient population consists primarily of elderly patients who live in the surrounding countryside and small towns of northeastern Indiana. The facility population has been steadily increasing; at the present time, the center serves 40 patients.

Through continuous quality improvement (CQI) initiatives, Tri-Counties has shown some significant gains in patient outcomes. The facility was awarded the “Sustaining Member Award” from The Renal Network for outstanding patient outcomes in 1997, 1998, and 1999.

The dialysis clinic has paid particular attention to urea reduction ratios as a measure of improving outcomes. In fiscal year 2000, 97% of URRs among the patient population were greater than 65, and 83% were greater than 70. These numbers have been consistent despite the fact that most of the patients suffer from multiple medical problems and are older than age 65. Sixty percent of TriCounties’ patients are over the age of 65.

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