Dialyzer Holder

A dialyzer or artificial kidney is part of a hemodialysis machine that filters blood to remove excess waste and fluid from the blood when a patient’s kidneys are no longer able to perform the task.  At its core there are thousands of tiny mesh tubes that perform a filtering function.

Molded Products manufactures both single and double universal dialyzer holders, also known as cartridge holders or dialyzer brackets.  These holders work with a variety of dialyzers and are made primarily of plastic with Stainless Steel components, both which will withstand chemical cleaning.

  • What is a Dialyzer Holder?

    A Dialyzer holder is a device used to securely hold a dialysis membrane, or “dialyzer,” in place during a hemodialysis treatment. The dialyzer column is attached to the dialyzer holder which is attached to the dialysis machine during the hemodialysis process.

    The holder is typically made of plastic and is designed to fit the specific size and shape of the dialyzer being used. It is used to keep the dialyzer in place during the treatment, ensuring that the blood and dialysis solution flow properly through the membrane. Some dialyzer holders also have features such as a built-in clamp or tubing connectors to help with setup and use during the treatment.

    In addition to dialysis, examples of other medical procedures that can use a dialyzer holder include therapeutic apheresis, cell collection and LDL apheresis.

  • Types & Options

    It is important to note that the choice of dialyzer holder depends on the type of dialysis treatment, the equipment used and the patient’s needs. A healthcare professional should be consulted to choose the appropriate dialyzer holder.

    Special features and benefits of our holders include:

    • Use to easily attach the dialyzer to the dialysis machine
    • Adjustable to fit a variety of dialyzers
    • Stainless steel components will not rust out
    • May be cleaned with soap and water or a disinfectant approved for use by your unit’s protocols
    • Comparable to most OEM Dialyzer Clamps
    • Can be configured to mount to a wall
    • The “double” dialyzer holder also comes with friction pads to keep the dialyzers in place

    Molded Products provides models both with and without an incorporated drip chamber post, all include durable construction for heavily repeated usage, fully rotates at 360°.

    Additionally, they are universal, fitting a variety of diameter dialyzers, they are easy to engage, remove or to exchange dialyzers.

    Visit our specific product pages for the different sizes, drip chamber post availability and brackets needed!

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