Miscellaneous Medical Supplies

Miscellaneous medical supplies play an important role in delivering healthcare services and patient care.  They are essential for maintaining a clean and safe environment, and for protecting both patients and healthcare workers.

They relate to a wide range of items that are used in healthcare settings but are not typically considered major medical equipment or instruments. These items support the delivery of healthcare services and patient care.

Molded Products offers some of the most essential consumable supplies that you may need on a daily basis in your environment, including:

  • EZ Grips
  • Sterile Thumb Dressing Forceps
  • Luer Lock Syringe Adaptors
  • Quality Medical Products

    At Molded Products, we take Quality Control seriously.  As an ISO 13485-certified organization, we have Quality Management Systems in place and meet all the regulatory requirements for designing and manufacturing medical devices.  Our products must be manufactured to meet strict quality standards and be free from defects or contaminants delivering safety and efficacy before they reach the market.

    They are designed to meet specific standards and requirements established by regulatory bodies, such as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States.  So, whether you are in a hospital, clinic, doctor’s office, or any healthcare setting, you can rely on us for your safety and that of your patients.

  • EZ Grip

    In addition to being able to be used in a medical setting for a variety of purposes, these can also be used by patients as a daily living aid for people who have difficulty with grasping and holding. This is a lightweight and easy-to-use “poly-grip-like” tool for a firmer grip and more power when pulling, pushing, picking, turning, squeezing, holding, etc.

    Product highlights include:

    • Is an economical, multifunctional gripping tool
    • Helps utilize the power of the entire hand, not just the thumb and forefinger
    • Is ideal for individuals with limited hand or finger strength & limited dexterity
    • Can help open jars, cans, bottles, and grip knobs
    • Has adjustable jaws that slide apart to adapt to large and small items
    • Is made of high-strength injection molded plastic
    • Is easy to clean; cleans up with soap & water
    • Can be used with either hand

    These are also helpful for elderly patients, patients with arthritis, or patients with weak grip. They reduce hand fatigue, improve control and make living everyday life easier.

  • Sterile Thumb Dressing Forceps

    Our Sterile Posigrip (anti-slip) plastic forceps are a type of medical instrument that is disposable. They are a non-locking grasping tool that functions as an extension of the thumb, with the primary purpose of grasping, retracting, or stabilizing tissue during surgical procedures and wound care. Additionally, they can be used to handle and manipulate dressings, gauze, and other materials.

    Other Features and Benefits include:

    • Latex Free
    • Unique construction maintains tip alignment
    • Straight serrated tip
    • Overall length 4″
    • Anti-Slip thumb and finger ridges for extra control
    • E-Z open packaging
  • Luer Lock Syringe Adaptor

    Our Luer lock syringe adaptor is a device that is used to connect a syringe to a device or tubing that has a Luer lock fitting. The adaptor typically consists of a female Luer lock fitting on one end, which is used to connect to the device or tubing, and a male Luer fitting on the other end, which is used to connect to the syringe.

    This is used for flushing tubing or machine fittings that have become occluded. It is a pulsatile flushing technique using a push-pause method involving 10 short 1ml pushes with short pauses in between.  This type of adaptor is commonly used in medical settings to connect syringes to various kinds of medical equipment, such as IV lines or infusion pumps.

    Special Features Includes:

    • Reduce contamination by flushing out machine fittings and lines per your unit protocols.
    • Semi-Transparent fluid path allows easy viewing.
    • Compatible with most syringes.
    • Gender Changer – Male to Female
    • Excellent Chemical Resistance

    Get Top Quality medical supplies from us today!

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