Dialyzer Re-Use Products & Supplies

A dialyzer is a component of hemodialysis machines used in the treatment of kidney disease and failure.  They are designed to be reusable and can be used for multiple treatment sessions until they no longer function properly.

Reuse of dialyzers is a cost-effective alternative to disposable dialyzers, as long as proper cleaning and sterilization procedures are followed between uses.  In addition, some dialysis facilities may also provide dialyzer reuse programs to help manage the cost of treatment for patient care.

The supplies and products needed for dialyzer reuse include cleaning and sterilization solutions, testing equipment to ensure the dialyzer is functioning properly, and storage containers for the dialyzer between uses.  It is important to use only approved cleaning, disinfecting, and sterilization products and to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure the dialyzer is properly cleaned and sterilized before reuse.

Molded Products provides various products that are used before, during, and after the dialyzer reuse process.