Specialty Dialysis Connectors

Molded Products manufacturers various configurations of non-sterile lines and connectors that can be used in the hemodialysis process. The connectors are able to connect to the blood port side of a hemodialyzer and be installed into tubing giving the technician the ability to connect directly to the dialyzer for pre-rinsing, testing, or reprocessing.

Specific products include:

  • Specialty Connectors
  • Non-Sterile Lines
  • MPC-855NS
  • What are Specialty Connectors?

    Specialty dialysis connectors are specialized medical devices used in hemodialysis procedures to connect various components of the dialysis circuit. These connectors are designed to ensure a secure and reliable connection between the dialysis machine and the hemodialyzer.

    The use of these connectors helps to minimize the risk of leaks, infections, and other complications throughout the hemodialysis process.

  • MPC-855NS

    This product is a non-sterile connector that is able to connect to the blood port side of dialyzer filters or columns and is also installed onto the tubing. The connector gives direct access to the dialyzer for testing and complies with ISO 8638 specifications.

    This product is available in various configurations and materials including Polypropylene, PVDF, or HDPE, typically a non-sterile female DIN to a barb fitting.

  • Non-Sterile Lines

    Non-sterile lines refer to medical tubing or fluid delivery systems that are not intended for use in sterile environments, such as in surgical or other invasive procedures. These lines are typically used in non-sterile processes, dialyzer testing/reprocessing, or in diagnostic procedures where sterility is not required.

    Non-sterile lines may still require some level of disinfection or cleaning to prevent the spread of infection or contamination, depending on the intended use and the type of fluid being delivered.

    Our products are made with DEHP Free Medical Grade Class VI Tube these non-sterile lines are able to connect to a dialyzer or a Luer fitting. These lines give direct access to testing or reprocessing.

    Learn more about our connectors today!

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