Recirculation Extension Sets for Hemodialysis

Recirculation extension sets are a type of medical device used in hemodialysis, a procedure that filters waste and excess fluids from the blood of individuals with kidney failure.  In hemodialysis, recirculation can be used to temporarily interrupt a hemodialysis treatment to allow the patient to attend the restroom or to temporarily interrupt dialysis to troubleshoot access problems or air in the extracorporeal circuit.

Our convenient recirculation connectors are used for pre-dialysis rinsing, mid-dialysis recirculation, post-dialysis rinse-back, or syringe-to-syringe transfers.

These sets are easy to grip and install and they also have a Luer lock connection for maximum patient safety!

  • How Recirculation Extensions Help Dialysis

    These sets help in dialysis with the recirculation connector device connecting bloodlines to assist in bloodline circuit integrity and preventing back filtration of dialysate into the blood path while the patient is temporarily disconnected.

    This helps to conserve dialysis solutions, reduce costs, and reduce cross-contamination of microorganisms and blood-borne pathogens.  Additionally, recirculating the dialysis solution also helps to ensure that the patient receives a consistent and optimal level of treatment, as the bloodline and dialysate circuits are carefully monitored and maintained throughout the procedure.

  • Applications & Features

    These sets are used to connect lines in the system or even mismatched bloodlines. In the instance when you are using a sterile technique, the end caps can be used to cap off Luer lines during patient removal for restroom breaks or any other reason.

    Most commonly includes a male-to-male Luer Adapter and 2 female Luer lock fittings with other gender changer configurations and sizes available. They are made from high-quality, medical-grade materials that are safe for use in medical procedures. Additionally, they are:

    • Sterile
    • Non-slip Finish
    • Blood Compatible
    • Easy to use
    • Durable
  • Options

    Molded Products also offers an extension adaptor for connecting arterial and/or venous fistula connectors to the hemodialysis blood tubing.

    Options for Recirculation Extension Sets include:

    • Types: available in various configurations such as female to female, male to male, and female to male each with different features and benefits
    • Materials: can be made from different materials, such as MABS and Polypropylene

    Call us today and find the set that is right for your situation!

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