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Medical Injection Molding

When you need parts that require a high level of precision, accuracy, and quality, the medical injection molding process is a very efficient and cost-effective method for producing pharmaceutical or medical-grade plastic products.

As an ISO 13485:2016 Certified organization for medical device manufacturing, located in the United States in the Iowa heartland, we have demonstrated the ability to successfully deliver medical device plastics and related services that consistently meet our customers’ applicable regulatory requirements.

Diverse Experience with Tight Tolerance Projects

Molded Products offers a variety of injection molding applications and services that enable customers to satisfy a variety of requirements from one competitive source. Our wide range of equipment allows us to produce plastic injection molding medical parts up to 7oz. per shot.

Our skilled technicians can competitively produce parts not only for the medical industry but also for the electronic/computer industry as well as having the capability to mold the much more significant parts required by hydraulic, agricultural, oil, and automotive amongst other sectors.

Working across various industries allows us to bring professional insight and ideas to every project.

High Precision Molding

Molded Products has the unique ability through medical device injection molding solutions to make plastic parts and machine them to tight tolerance finished products. Depending on the material being machined and the configuration, we can provide tolerances as tight as ± 0.0002”. This high degree of accuracy and tolerance ensures repeatability in extended machine runs.

We maintain a complete tooling facility for mold making and can design and produce plastic-injected parts with short lead times and low cost-effective tooling costs.

In-House Mold Making

Molded Products maintains a complete in-house tooling facility for mold making for both high and low-volume production. We not only specialize in high precision molding but also secondary machining. We have the unique ability, using a variety of plastic materials, including those that require chemical resistance, to design and produce plastic parts with very short lead times and low tooling costs based on our over 3 decades of experience.

By utilizing state-of-the-art technology for design, we have the ability to produce products not only from a blueprint but also from a model or sample. Our techniques allow for design flexibility, elimination of costly errors and a reduction in time-to-market. We can also provide expertise in the latest engineered plastics that offer greater strength, chemical and wear resistance more so than traditional plastics.

In-process and final inspections are conducted on each product lot manufactured. This constant attention to quality control further ensures that the customer’s requirements are continually being met and adhered to.

Exceptional Responsiveness

By utilizing state-of-the-art technology for design, we produce products from a blueprint or a model/sample. Our product development techniques enable design flexibility with the elimination of costly errors and inflated budgets that hinder time-to-market objectives.

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