Fistula Clamps for Dialysis

Molded Products offers a variety of patient care products in the wound care and fistula products category.

  • What are Fistula Clamps?

    After the completion of dialysis treatment, gauze along with applied pressure is often required to stop the bleeding from the injection site. Fistula clamps provide consistent pressure without pinching the patient’s arm. These clamps are reliable, provide comfort, and are lightweight.

    In addition to the standard size, which is available in white or blue colors, our fistula clamps are available in an extra-large size which is green in color. For superior comfort and support, the ultra-grip cover is also available to prevent slide-off issues that might occur with the use of gauze or super stopper.

  • Fistula Pressure Clamps

    A fistula is a special connection that is made by joining a vein with an artery, usually in your arm. This creates a large robust blood vessel that can be needled regularly for use during hemodialysis.

    The pressure clamp is designed to provide consistent pressure to this fistula after dialysis treatment to stop the bleeding from the injection site.

    Our clamps provide a smooth surface so as not to damage or pull on the patient’s skin. They can be easily sanitized using standard disinfectant protocols.


    • They are constructed of durable plastic
    • Provide a stainless-steel spring that will not rust
    • Designed to cradle the patient’s arm without pinching
    • The arms remain aligned when applying pressure
    • Made in the USA
    • Administers 1–1.5 pounds of pressure to the wound site
  • Ultra-Grip Cover

    For superior comfort and support, the ultra-grip cover is designed to be used in conjunction with our Fistula Clamp.  The ‘Ultra Grip’ is an excellent solution for preventing slide-off issues that occur when using a fistula clamp/gauze or a fistula clamp/Super Stopper® combination.

    This product is manufactured with medical-grade materials, resistant to Renalin, formaldehyde, alcohol, betadine, and chlorine.

    One-step assembly makes it easy for you!  Just slip the ‘Ultra Grip’ cover over the pressure pad of the fistula pressure clamp and it’s ready to use!

    Our products are 100% American Made, Constructed of American Made Materials!

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