Collection Assist Device

$47.05 / box

Collection Assist Device

$47.05 / box

Provides Means of Collecting Clean Samples

Individually Packaged / 100 pcs. per box / 2,500 pcs. per case


The Collection Assist Device collects a clean sample from the female Hansen port of a hemodialysis machine.

Special Features:

  • Sterile
  • ISO 8637 Fitting—compatible with standard OEM female Hansen ports located on hemodialysis machines.
  • Pyrogen Free—will not interfere with endotoxin results.
  • The Collection Assist Device gives the sample a clean path to travel from the fluid way of the Hansen port to the point of sample collection, by bypassing the problem areas associated with contaminants such as the Hansen port o-ring, balls, and mechanisms that can be impossible to disinfect.
  • Allows sample capture as it would be going to the dialyzer, without interference.
  • E-Z open packaging

Individually Packaged Packaged 100 pcs. per box / 2,500 pcs. per case

Additional information

Weight 670.4 g
Dimensions 12 × 8 × 5 in


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