Combination Towel Clamp

$80.48 / bag

Combination Towel Clamp

$80.48 / bag

Secures Drapes & Towels and Occludes Tubing

100 pcs. per bag / 1,000 per case


Secures Drapes & Towels and Occludes Tubing

Super Grip: The jaws on our MPC-275 have a distinctive offset grooved surface, which ensures super gripping action.

  • Heavy Duty!
  • Exclusive maxi-lock system means it won’t come off unless you take it off!
  • Large, comfortable finger holes!
  • Easy to use!
  • In addition to being a towel clamp the MPC-275 totally occludes tubing from monitor lines to pump segments.
  • Reliable!
  • Safe & Effective!
  • Packaged 100 pcs. per bag /1,000 per case

Special Feature
Our MPC-275 is the most versatile combination towel clamp/tube occluding forceps available on the market today. In addition to securing drapes, bedding, towels, sponges, and other materials gathered around tubes and leads, the MPC-275 can be used to occlude tubing. This combination makes the MPC-275 extremely useful and cost-efficient.

Superior Maxi-Lock System
Our combination towel clamp and tube occluding forceps are equipped with a superior maxi-lock system which will not come off unless you take it off. This exclusive maxi-lock system ensures you a secure and durable hold every time.

Comparable To: Dravon® Part #T-200, Covidien® Part #31140299

Additional information

Weight 1661.6 g
Dimensions 13.28 × 13.28 × 3.4 in


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