Luer Lock Cap Set

$55.35 / bag

Luer Lock Cap Set

$55.35 / bag

100 sets per bag of (1) blue and (1) red cap


New Look! Same great cap!

The MPC-135 contains (2) MPC-124 style caps (1) red and (1) blue seated neatly on a hub to save time and money. The caps provide a non-injectable  end cap. Use top cap off female luers. These sterile care are not vented and do not have an access port.


Each set includes : (1) blue cap and (1) red cap

No Extra Caps!


Easy to use!! 


Capped product maintains fluid path sterility after it’s been removed from the packaging.

Non- Pyrogenic! 

Additional information

Weight 273 g
Dimensions 9 × 7 × 4 in


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