Sterile Recirculation Sets


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Sterile Fluid Path - Blood Compatible

Special Features

  • Sterile!
  • Non-Slip Finish!
  • Blood Compatible!
  • End caps can be used for capping off luer lines.
  • Use to connect lines or mismatched bloodlines.

Indications for Use

Extension for connecting arterial and/or venous fistula connectors to the hemodialysis blood tubing. Gender Changer / Recirculation Set / Extension Adapter for hemodialysis blood tubing.

Recirculation sets include (2) FREE end caps! When using a sterile technique the end caps can be used to cap off luer lines during patient removal for restroom breaks, etc.

Part Number MPC-140 MPC-150 MPC-155 MPC-160
Description Female to Male Luer Adapter Male to Male Luer Adapter Male to Male Luer Adapter Female to Female Luer Adapter
Configuration (1) Female luer lock fitting and (1) Male luer lock fitting (2) Female luer lock fittings (2) Female luer lock fittings (2) Male luer lock fittings
Ends Capped

(1) Male and (1) Female Luer Lock Cap

(2) Male Luer Lock Caps

(2) Female Luer Lock Caps


Bulk ,                100 pcs. per bag or 5,000 pcs per case

Individual, 200 pcs. per bag or 5,000 pcs. per case Individual,  100 pcs. per bag or 4,000 pcs per case Individual,   100 pcs. per bag or 5,000 pcs per case