Transducer Protector

$76.99$109.05 / box

Transducer Protector

$76.99$109.05 / box

In-Line Protective Devices for Pressure Monitors on Hemodialysis Equipment

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B.Braun® Part # 7210496  |   Cantel® Part # 78398-402

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In-Line Protective Devices For Pressure Monitors On Hemodialysis Equipment
Our Transducer Protectors offers an optimal balance of barrier properties and airflow, ensuring the highest level of protection for all individuals in hemodialysis treatment! The high airflow facilitated by the MPC-85 Transducers Protector membrane enables hemodialysis equipment to swiftly respond to fluctuations in blood pressure, thereby ensuring patients receive the highest quality care!

 Part Number
MPC-85 Bulk Packaged 200 pcs. per box / 4,000 pcs. per case
MPC-85TE Tamper Evident Individually Packaged 125pcs. Per box / 2,750 pcs. Per case

Special Features:

  • Helps prevent blood and dialyzing fluid from damaging sensitive transducers.
  • Hydrophobic membrane with 0.2-micron pore size.
  • Prevents contamination of the internal pressure monitoring lines.
  • Sterile, Non-Pyrogenic!
  • Fast response!
  • Helps protect against both bacterial and viral cross-contamination.


Inlet to outlet 1.1” (23mm)
Diameter .9” (20mm)
Filtration Area 1.5 cm2
Housing PVC
Hydrophobic Membrane PTFE (Goretex)
Membrane Pore Size 0.2µm
Line Side Standard Luer Lock
Machine Side Standard Luer Lock
Pressure Limit 35 PSI Inlet
Characteristics High Flow / Fast Response

Additional information

Weight 1074 g
Dimensions 12 × 8 × 5 in



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