Barrier Adapter with Q-Seal


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Guidelines to Optimal Performance
Step 1: Twist the DIN end of the MPC-700 into the blood port of the dialyzer.
Step 2: Push the Colder® fitting end of the MPC-700 into the Renatron® machine connection.

That's it! The MPC-700 is a very easy to use, cost efficient alternative to other products on the market. The Barrier Adapter with Q-Seal helps ensure patient safety from cross-contamination during reprocessing. This system easily connects and disconnects, which means no more fumbling with extra pieces and extensions.

Comparable To: Medivators® Part #78397-699

Latex Free!    Phthalate Free!
DEHP Free!   PVC Free!

Packaged 50 pcs. per bag /200 pcs. per case

Theirs Ours
Contaminants are notorious for becoming trapped under O-rings. No O-ring for contaminants to hide under!
 O-ring generated seal. Requires removal and replacement for disinfections. Built in Q-Seal. No removal, no replacement, no worry!
Manufactured with PVC Material. (PVC material is known to contain DEHP and Phthalates). Manufactured from a Patented Medical Grade material that is Latex Free, DEHP Free, PVC Free and Phthalate Free!