Tube Occluding Forceps

Tube occluding forceps are a type of medical instrument used for grasping and manipulating small objects or tissue during surgical procedures.  They are commonly found in operating rooms, clinics and medical research laboratories.  Also known as tube occluders, tube occluding clamps or a hemostat, plastic forceps are used to constrict or occlude flexible tubing for blood collection or dialysis, amongst other things.

  • Overview

    Molded Products manufactures and offers a broad range of these types of forceps (sterile and non-sterile) available in multi-packs (bulk 100) or individually packaged.  Additionally, we offer:

    • Premium Tube Occluding Forceps (with a larger finger hole diameter)
    • Sterile Disposable Tube Occluding Forceps
    • Combination Towel Clamps

    Our MPC-275 is the most versatile combination towel clamp/tube occluding forceps available on the market today.  In addition to securing drapes, bedding, towels, sponges, and other materials gathered around tubes and leads, the MPC-275 can be used to occlude tubing. This combination makes the MPC-275 extremely useful and cost efficient.

    Plastic forceps cost a fraction of its metal counterpart and can occlude medical grade tubing from 1 mm to 8 mm.   The “jaws” remain aligned when tubing is occluded.  Our clamps are reusable, easy to use, lightweight, safe, and effective.

  • Applications

    These products should only be used by trained medical professionals, who understand the appropriate use and handling of these instruments.  They can be used in a variety of medical procedures including blood collection, dialysis, dressing changes and wound care.

    There are some pharmaceutical applications provided in specialty pharmacies where these forceps or clamps can be beneficial.  For instance, an infusion unit and delivering/administering a medication through an IV.

    Additionally, facilities that administer chemical cancer treatment thru an IV may also need forceps during their procedures.

    Finally, for a laboratory use environment when precise lab work is required for gripping or even manipulating small or delicate objects, our plastic forceps can provide great value.

  • Important Features

    Our forceps are equipped with a deep grooved superior maxi-lock system, which means it will not come off the line unless you take it off.  These exclusive maxi-lock systems ensure you a secure and durable hold every time.  In short, they are reliable, safe and effective!

    These convenient and easy to use products are safe to use as well as cost-effective as they don’t require expensive maintenance or repair.

    Additionally, they:

    • Hold Color (will not “Chalk-Out”)
    • Are easy to handle
    • Occlude tubing 1mm – 8mm
    • Are lightweight
    • Are latex-free
    • Are X-ray detectible
    • Provide comfortable oval finger holes to accommodate gloved hands
    • Have smooth jaws that won’t damage occluded tubing
    • Remain aligned when tubing is occluded (Superior max-lock system)

    Ask about customizing colors to match your needs.

  • Benefits

    The use of tube occluding forceps provides several other benefits in surgical procedures, including:

    • The scissor-like design allows for precise and controlled clamping of tubing
    • Allows for greater control which helps to increase the safety of the procedure and reduce the risk of complications
    • In practice they also offer you the convenience of gripping and holding small objects when your fingers are too large to use.

    In short, they are a versatile tool with a variety of applications.

    We offer a variety of tube occluding forceps. See which one is right for you!

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