About Us

Molded Products was founded in 1986 on the idea of providing an in-line Transducer Protector for pressure monitors on hemodialysis equipment. Thirty-two years later, the Harlan, Iowa based company designs and manufactures over 200 different products for dialysis with many extending into veterinary, laboratory, and apheresis. Along the, Molded Products has also gained a reputation for its expertise in plastics and metals machining.
Molded Products manufactures and markets a full portfolio of its own medical devices, offers contract injection molding, and operates (2) full service machine shops that serve many commercial and industrial markets such as semi-conductor, road, agricultural equipment, lift gate equipment, farming innovations focused on improving livestock production, plasma instrumentation, self defense, commercial refrigeration and commodity packaging.
    • Design Assistance
    • Contract Assembly
    • Custom Injection Molding
    • Custom Packaging
    • Production CNC Machining
    • Sonic Welding
    • Custom Mold Manufacturing
    • Mold Design






    We are experienced and equipped....

    Metals Plastics
    Stainless Steel PVDF Nylon PFA
    Aluminium Polycarbonate Polypropylene ABS
    Brass Polyethylene MABS UHMW
    Super Alloy Acetal Polysulfone PVC
    Cast Styrene Thermal Plastic Elastomers



     Virtually any commercially available metal or plastic!