Syringe Adapter

$56.96 / bag

Syringe Adapter

$56.96 / bag

Flush Out Machine Fittings & Lines

Packaged 100pcs. Per bag / 2,000 pcs. Per case

Cost per item: $0.57


Syringe Adapter- Flushes out machine fittings and lines


Special Features: 

  • Reduces contamination by flushing our machine fittings and lines per you units protocols.
  • Sem-Transparent fluid path ,which allows for easy viewing.
  • Compatible to most syringes!
  • Gender Charger- Male to Female
  • Non-Sterile

Packaged 100 pcs. per bag or 2,000 pcs. per case.

Additional information

Weight 122.8 g
Dimensions 4.3 × 4.3 × 3.4 in


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