Assist Header Cleaner®


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  • Designed to clean Dialyzer Headers without concern of damaging dialyzer fibers
  • Improves the rising of dialyzer headers by spraying two lateral jets of RO water that can be directed to loosen residual blood and other debris from the headers, header spaces, and header caps of multiple-use hemodialyzers prior to an approved reprocessing procedure
  • The Assist Header Cleaner® is consistent with AAMI Standard "Reuse of Hemodialyzers" RD47:2002 and has received FDA 510K clearance as a medical device
 Part Number Dialyzer To Be Used On
MPC-50910 For use with Bello®, Baxter® and Fresenius® Series Dialyzers
MPC-50911 For use with Gambro Polyflux® and Asahi® Series Dialyzers

Packaged 50 units per bag.