Economy Female Hansen—Occluded

$257.63 / box

Economy Female Hansen—Occluded

$257.63 / box

Also known as Dialyzer Port Quick Disconnects
New economical Design! Cost-efficient alternatives!

Cost per item: $25.76


New economical design! Cost-efficient alternatives! Excellent chemical resistance! Easily engaged and disengaged from the dialyzer port!

Available in Red, White, or Blue—Akso

10 pcs. per box / 80 pcs. per case

Comparison chart of MPC-77X connectors to MPC-10XX connectors

Product Equivalence:

  • MPC-773 → MPC-1010
  • MPC-771 → MPC-1011
  • MPC-772 → MPC-1013
  • MPC-784 → MPC-1012
Similarities Differences
Housing, o-ring, and innerspring materials are the same The MPC-10XX connectors feature stainless steel ball bearings instead of borosilicate glass


Part Number Configuration Size
MPC-1005 Dead End/ Occluded N/A
MPC-1010 Angled Barb Fits 1/4″ ID Tubing
MPC-1011 Straight Barb Fits 1/4″ ID Tubing
MPC-1012 Straight Barb Fits 1/8″ ID Tubing
MPC-1013 Straight Barb Fits 5/16″ ID Tubing
MPC-1014 Straight Barb Fits 3/8″ ID Tubing

The o-Rings are Viton and the balls are stainless steel.
Packaged 10 pcs. per box.

Additional information

Weight 337 g
Dimensions 9 × 7 × 4 in

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