Female Hansen Connectors—Occluded

$257.63 / box

Female Hansen Connectors—Occluded

$257.63 / box

Snap-to-Lock Female Hansen-Style Connectors

10 pcs. per box / 100 pcs. per case


Snap-to-Lock Female Hansen-Style Connectors

Packaged 10 pcs. per box / 100 pcs. per case

Available in Red, White, or Blue

Part Number Configuration Size
MPC-759 Barbed Fits 1/4″ ID Tubing
MPC-761 Barbed Fits 3/8″ ID Tubing
MPC-762 Angled Barb Fits 1/4″ ID Tubing
MPC-763 Angled Barb Fits 3/8″ ID Tubing
MPC-764 Straight Glue-On Fits 1/4″ OD Tubing
MPC-766 Straight Glue-On Fits 1/16″ OD Tubing
MPC-767 Plugged or Occluded Dead End Comparable to:
Minnetech® #78398-723 & RPC #D300-0110

Additional information

Weight 305.2 g
Dimensions 9 × 7 × 4 in

Part Number


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