Fistula Pressure Clamps


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Adjustable to fit most size arms
    • Used to provide consistent pressure to the fistula after dialysis treatment.
    • Constructed of durable plastic!
    • Stainless steel spring - won't rust out!
    • Designed to cradle patents arm, without pinching.
    • Smooth surfaces won't damage or pull patients skin.
    • Arms remain aligned when applying pressure.
    • May be cleaned with soap and water and/or sanitized using a disinfectant approved for use by your unit protocols.
    • Comfortable!
    • Lightweight!
    • Latex-Free!
    • Reliable!
    • Safe and Effective!
    • Easy to Use!

Standard size - 10 pcs. per bag or 100 pcs. per case

XL size (For patients with arm diameter 18"- 25") - 2 pcs. per bag /100 pcs. per case