High-Temp Female Hansen Connectors


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MPC-776 and  MPC- 855NS


Also known as dialyzer port quick disconnects.

Connectors for connecting a dialysate port of a dialyzer to a dialysate-delivery line of a dialysis machine.

Excellent chemical resistance.

Easily engaged and disengaged from dialyzer port.

These high temp Hansen connectors are made for use with machine using heat sterilization, including Fresenius® and Aksys®.

O-Ring Material: Viton

Ball Material: Borosilicate Glass

Available in Red, White, or Blue

Packaged 10 pcs. per box  80 pcs. per case

Product Equivalence:

  • MPC-773 --- MPC-1010
  • MPC-771 --- MPC-1011 
  • MPC-772 --- MPC-1013 
  • MPC-784 --- MPC-1012


Part Number Configuration Size
MPC-771 Barbed Fits 1/4" ID Tubing
MPC-772 Barbed Fits 5/16" ID Tubing
MPC-773 Angled Barb Fits 1/4" ID Tubing
MPC-774 Angled Barb Fits 5/16" ID Tubing

Comparable To:
RPC® #D300-0108

3/8-18 NPT Male
MPC-777 Threaded 1/4-18 NPT Male
MPC-778 90° Angled Barb Fits 5/16" ID Tubing
MPC-779 Threaded (Internal) 1/2-14 NPT Female
MPC-782 90° Angled Barb Fits 1/4" ID Tubing
MPC-784 Barbed Fits 1/8" ID Tubing