Non-Sterile Lines


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Made with DEHP Free Medical Grade Class VI Tube

Part Number Description Connectors Tubing ID Length Packaging
MPC-660 Recirculation Loop with Sampling Port (2) DIN Connectors 3/16" 36.5" 25 pcs. per bag/400 pcs per case
MPC-665 Drain Line (1) DIN Connector 3/16" 25.0" 25 pcs. per bag/400 pcs per case
MPC-671 Dialysate Port to Blood Port Circulation Line with Adjustable Pulse Control (1) Female Hansen Connector and (1) Quick Disconnect 3/16" 26.25"


or 20 pcs. per case

MPC-742 Male Hansen Connector to Female Quick Disconnect Adapter (1) Quick Disconnect and (1) Male Hansen 1/4" 4.75" 10 pcs. per bag or 160 pcs per case
MPC-825 Male to Male Recirculation Connector (2) Male DIN Adapters 3/16" 4.5" 25 pcs. per bag or 150 pcs per case
MPC-875NS Non-Sterile DIN to Male DIN Connector (1) DIN Connector and (1) DIN Adapter 3/16" 12.25" 25 pcs. per bag or 750 pcs per case