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A little history about us at Molded Products......
Since it's inception, Molded Products has specialized in producing quality products for the medical, commercial, and industrial fields.  Located in Southwest Iowa, Molded Products is close to transit routes enabling quick delivery times to all parts of the world.  Molded Products maintains a complete tooling facility for mold making and 24 hour a day injection molding.  Molded Products has and will continue to provide the manufacturing of high quality parts combined with the services needed to finish a wide variety of products.

We specialize in
Custom Applications:

- Custom Colors
- Custom Kits
- Custom Packaging
- Your Custom Product

Custom Services Available
Design Assistance  *  Custom Injection Molding & Machining  *  Assembly  *  Sonic Welding 
Secondary Machine Operations  *  Hot Stamping  *  Custom Packaging  *  Insert Molding 
Fabrication & Welding  *  Production CNC Machining

Quality Products....Made Proudly in the USA! 
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