Benefits of Transducer Protection

There are many parts and materials in a medical setting that most people are not aware of. Though the purpose of some of these parts is more self-explanatory than others, some are a little less obvious. This doesn’t make these pieces less important—some of these materials are meant to protect the safety and health of the patient while in the intensive care unit (ICU) or health clinic. This is precisely the purpose of the transducer protector.

Molded Products transducer protector utilizes a hydrophobic membrane, typically 0.2 Micron, which provides the right combination of barrier properties and airflow to deliver the best protection possible to everyone involved in the hemodialysis treatment. High airflow through the MPC-85 Transducer Protector membrane also allows hemodialysis equipment to rapidly respond to changes in blood pressure so patients can receive the highest quality care. The transducer protector prevents accidental machine contamination while allowing the pressure transducer to read the pressure inside the dialysis blood circuit.

Special Features of the MPC-85 Transducer Protector

  • Helps prevent blood and dialyzing fluid from damaging sensitive transducers
  • Hydrophobic membrane with 0.2-micron pore size
  • Prevents contamination of the internal pressure monitoring lines
  • Sterile, Non-Pyrogenic!
  • Fast response!
  • Helps protect against both bacterial and viral cross-contamination

Here are some benefits of transducer protection:

  • Patient Safety. Transducer protectors improve patient safety by eliminating the transfer of bloodborne illnesses/diseases like HIV or hepatitis. With the addition of a transducer protector, the chance of wetting or strikethroughs is virtually eliminated, keeping patients safe and improving chances during life-threatening situations. Additionally, transducer protectors reduce the risk of cross-contamination between machines and humans, further increasing the safety of patients.
  • Machine Processes. Transducer protectors can greatly improve the general operations and regulation of machinery. In addition to shorter setup times, fewer high-pressure alarms, and improved strikethrough detection, transducer protectors can also decrease the time people need to spend cleaning and sanitizing the equipment used.


Molded Products provides high-quality transducer protectors that allow the right combination of barrier properties and airflow for the most optimal performance possible. In addition to the plethora of medical products we offer, we also offer injection molding services to help you create the smallest and most custom pieces you need for your machinery to run smoothly. Visit our website to learn more or give us a call at (800) 435-8957.