Dialysate Sampling Port Kit
Use to draw a Dialysate Test Sample - Fits 1/4" ID Tubing
Use our self-sealing Dialysate Sampling Port Kit within the dialysate fluid pathway of your dialysis machine for a fast, safe, and reliable means of drawing your dialysate test samples! Compatible with all standard dialysis germicides.  MPC-180 Kit Includes:
(2) Sterile Access Sites (MPC-181)
(1) Barbed T-Fitting Luer Connector (MPC-184)
(2) Lever Lock Cannulas (MPC-182)
Leak Free!

Trouble Free!

Instructions for Use:

1. Place barbed t-fitting luer connector into  dialysate line in which samples are to be drawn.

2. Twist access site onto the luer connector of the barbed t-fitting inserted into line; turn clockwise to form secure connection. 

3. Sanitize access site using your approved unit protocols regarding injection site preparation. 

4. Attach lever lock cannula to syringe. 

5.  Push the syringe cannula into the access site and advance. 

6. Extract desired amount of sample and withdraw the cannula. The access site will seal automatically. 

Regular replacement of access site should occur
per your approved unit protocols. 

MPC-180 Dialysate Sampling Port Kit
Low cost replacement access 
sites and lever lock Cannulas 
are available!

Needle-less Access Site

Sterile Replacement Access Site for MPC-180 Dialysate Sampling Port Kit
MPC-181 Needle-less Access Site
The needle-less access site is a male luer-lock fitting with a self-sealing latex-free stopper. The access site can be used to draw test samples from within the dialysate fluid pathway of the dialysis machine when used in conjunction with a barbed T-Fitting luer connector and a lever lock cannula.

Packaged 50 pcs. per bag 
or 600 pcs. per case

Lever Lock Cannula 

Replacement Lever Lock Cannula for MPC-180 Dialysate Sampling Port Kit
The blunt lever lock cannula is used to 
access needle-free access sites.  When 
used in conjunction with a barbed T-Fitting 
luer connector and needle-less access site 
the lever lock cannula can be used to draw 
test samples from within the dialysate fluid
pathway of the dialysis machine.
MPC-182 Lever Lock Cannula

Barbed T-Fitting Luer Connector 

MPC-184 Barbed T-Fitting
Barbs Fits 1/4" ID tubing

Excellent Chemical Resistance

Heat Resistant

Packaged 10 per bag

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