'Encase' Needle Case System

Convenient Fistula Needle Encapsulation at a price you can afford!


Needle Encapsulation - You can afford!

Convenient Fistula Needle Encapsulation 
at a price you can afford!!!

This system is designed to safely and quickly encapsulate fistula needles using only one hand! The MPC-375 encase bracket can also be used to safely (with one hand) re-sheath syringe needles with the covers that are provided by the manufacturer. 

With a the non-skid table base The MPC-375 
'Encase' System can be set on a flat surface 
or easily mounted to a secure surface (Wall, 
Chair Table,  Rolling Cart/Table). Your Choice! 
Either way the MPC-375 is easy to use and also
easy to clean. Long term resistance to Chlorine,
Soap (Antibacterial or Disinfectant) & Water.
Short term resistance to Alcohol.

Disclaimer: We make no claim to the safety of
re-using the manufacturers installed needle covers. Our experience, however, has shown that at "no cost" this is an effective way to reduce needle-sticks.

The MPC-375 'Encase' Needle Case 
System Start Up Kit Includes:

'Encased' Fistula Needle

  • 5 Encase Systems (5 brackets
    and 5 non-skid table bases).

  • Drill Hole Template.

  • Installation Instructions.

  • 50 each of 4 needle case sizes.

Stop paying for products you don't use! With the 'Encase' System you only pay for what you do use! The 'Encase' can be used at your discretion for additional protection from needle sticks. The 'Encase' Systems' universal cases fit the fistula needles you already use, so you can continue to use the same products with better protection!

Color coded sizes available for ease of use. 
One color per needle size.

Part Number Gauge Color Packaged
MPC-375-14 14 Gauge Red 500 per bag or 10,000 per case
MPC-375-15 15 Gauge Clear 500 per bag or 10,000 per case
MPC-375-16 16 Gauge Yellow 500 per bag or 10,000 per case
MPC-375-17 17 Gauge Blue 500 per bag or 10,000 per case

New OSHA Guidelines Got you Stumped?

Help is Here!
This product can assist you in meeting your OSHA obligations. When you place your initial order for the 'Encase' System you will receive a free complimentary copy of the New OSHA Standards: Enforcement Procedures for the Occupational Exposure to Bloodborne Pathogens. This manual has been tabulated and highlighted in respect to how our Encase System and our Safety Face-Shield meet the new OSHA Guidelines.

P.25 ...the safety feature should allow or require the worker's hands to remain behind the needle at all times. 

P. 26 ... the safety feature is as simple as possible requiring little or no training to use effectively.

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