Transducer Protector Luer Extension

External Visual Indicator for Transducer Protector Failures

M-75 External Visual Indicator
Strike-Through Indicator
Fluid present when bloodline
supplied transducer protector
has breached

M-75 shown with MPC-90
External Visual Indicator shown with MPC-90

Packaging Information:
100 pcs. per bag

Sold with or without documentation tag
MPC-75 Tag
Packaged 25 pcs. per bag


Transducer Protector
Luer Extension

Special Features:

  • Prevents blood contamination of the internal pressure monitoring lines.

  • Prevents Cross-Contamination.

  • Moves the redundant transducer protector to the outside of the machine for visual inspection. 

  • Gives a clear, visual indication that a Strike-Through has occurred.

  • Can enhance ability to determine contamination problems.

  • Instructions for Use: Piggy-Back the M-75 luer extension with your usual bloodline (with transducer protector) for external, visual indication of bloodline-supplied transducer protector breaches (strike-through. If your bloodline does not come equipped with transducer protectors a sterile transducer protector must be placed between the luer extension and the bloodline set. Immediate replacement of this product should occur if any sign of  contamination (fluid or blood) is seen.  Regular replacement should occur as determined by your unit administrator and unit protocols. In no event should fluid in the line be allowed to remain during treatment.


    For more information on Potential Cross-Contamination
    Linked to Hemodialysis Treatment you can find the FDA
    Safety Alert on the Center for Devices and Radiological 
    Health homepage @

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