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 (1) Small Adhesive, Fabric TouchPad
 (1) Large Adhesive, Fabric TouchPad
 (2) Oval Stickers
 (2) Temporary Tattoos
 (1) Collection Record
It's easy for your patients to forget to collect their urine during a timed urine collection. Normally an individual will urinate
4-10 times a day. If even one of those samples is discarded, subsequent tests will underestimate the substances produced by the patient's kidneys during the collection period.

Help Prevent Incomplete Urine Collection!!!
Recommend the use of the URI-minderTM Urine Collection Reminder System for your patients

The URI-minderTM memory joggers were designed so that your patients will either touch or see them whenever they prepare to urinate. Thereby reminding them to collect their urine.

Patient Instructions:

1. What is a timed urine collection? It is a test of all the urine the body produced over a specific time period to find out how well the body is working. Your doctor wants to know how much creatinine, protein, minerals and hormones your kidneys put out over a given time period, usually about 24 hours.
2. How do I do this? At the START TIME empty your bladder by urinating into the toilet. This urine is discarded, since it was produced before the start time. Record the date and time on the enclosed card. Then throughout the day and night, EACH TIME you urinate collect ALL of your urine, not just a sample.
3. What is an incomplete collection? It's easy to forget to collect your urine. Normally you urinate 4-10 times a day. If you forget to collect even one of these samples by urinating directly into the toilet, the test will underestimate the substances your kidneys put into the urine during the collection period.
4. How do I use the URI-minder memory joggers to make sure my urine collection is complete? The URI-minderTM memory joggers are designed so that you will either touch or see them whenever you prepare to urinate, thereby reminding you to collect your urine.

  • Use the large URI-minderTM TouchPad if you wear boxers or briefs with a fly. Attach to the outside of your underwear. When you open your fly to urinate, your fingers will touch the URI-minderTM TouchPad, reminding you to collect your urine.
  • Use the small square URI-minderTM TouchPad if you wear panties or underwear without a fly. Attach to the outside of your underwear in a location you will see or touch as your prepare to urinate. This will remind you to collect your urine.
  • Use the temporary URI-minderTM tattoos as an alternate or additional reminder. The easily removable, temporary tattoos can be applied to either the back of the hand or to the thigh area to remind your to collect your urine.
  • Use the oval URI-minderTM stickers on your toilet seat, toilet lid or sink if you need additional reminders.

How to collect a timed urine specimen

STEP 1: On the day of collection, urinate as soon as you get up and DISCARD urine. Record this as the START TIME on the enclosed collection record card.

STEP 2: When you are ready to get dressed, apply either the large or small URI-minderTM TouchPad to your undergarment. The URI-minderTM TouchPad can be positioned in the front or on the side of your undergarment. Choose a location that will be most easily felt or seen each time you prepare to urinate.

STEP 3: For the remaining collection period (usually 24 hrs.) all urine must be SAVED in the collection bottle. Each time you urinate or pass urine with a bowel movement you must collect the urine and place it into the collection bottle.

STEP 4: At bedtime, please remove URI-minderTM TouchPads from undergarments before going to sleep. The URI-minderTM Collection Reminder System is not designed to be used on pajamas or other sleepwear.

STEP 5: The following morning, as soon as you get up, urinate and add the urine to the collection bottle. Urine becomes concentrated while you sleep and as a result, contains significant quantities of compounds your doctor is interested in measuring. This urine specimen is very important. BE SURE TO SAVE IT.

Record this as the END TIME on the enclosed collection record cad. Your urine collection is now complete!

STEP 6: Remove and dispose of all URI-minderTM memory joggers (TouchPads, Stickers, Tattoos). Follow your doctors directions for returning the collection bottle.

Instructions for Attaching the TouchPad to your undergarment

Step 1: Choose the
appropriate size URI-minderTM TouchPad for you. Decide where you will place the TouchPad. It can be positioned in the center front or toward the side of your undergarment. Position the TouchPad so that it will be
easily felt or seen when you prepare to urinate.

Step 2: Remove backing from sticky labels of desired TouchPad.

Step 3: Apply the TouchPad you
selected to the outside of your undergarment. Fold the tab of the TouchPad at the first set of notches.
Place the folded tab over the waist
band of your undergarment. Press
 the labels securely to adhere the TouchPad to your undergarment.
Step 4: Once TouchPad is attached, continue
to dress and adjust TouchPad so that it rests comfortably
under clothing.

Instructions for Applying the URI-minderTM temporary tattoos
(Apply to the back of hands or the front of thighs)

  • Skin should be clean and free of oils & makeup.
  • Remove clear, protective top sheet.
  • Press tattoo firmly onto clean, dry skin with design facing down.
  • Hold wet cloth against back of tattoo, press down and wet thoroughly.
  • Wait 30 seconds (don't hurry). Peel off paper backing.
  • Gently rinse image with water for best effect.

To Remove: Saturate tattoo with household rubbing alcohol or baby oil, wait 10 seconds, then rub away tattoo with cotton ball. Or lift tattoo from dry skin using several pieces of transparent household tape.

Warning: Do not apply to sensitive or inflamed skin. Do not apply to skin that is covered with a lot of hair,
or near any type of cut or bruise. Do not apply to the face.

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